Unfollowgram Download: Best way to find Who unfollowed you on instagram

Download Unfollowgram: Hello friends, We enjoy spending time on the internet using various social media sites. The top social media sites like Twitter and Instagram number of followers matter a lot. If you are famous you will get lots of followers. As a human being, we all want to be loved and liked by people this is just our natural tendency. The craze of social media is increasing and people have started taking this no of followers seriously and lots of people use tactics and promotions to gain the social media following.

Now imagine if by all of your hard work you gained some followers in certain time. But with time people may start to unfollow you due to any reason. Now the best part is these Instagram, twitter, facebook they don’t want you to feel bad by letting you know who unfollowed you. So how can you track who unfollowed you on Instagram or Twitter? One way is tracking manually which is old and kind of boring and the other by Unfollowgram APK download on your device.

So in this article, You are going to learn how you can download Unfollowgram for Instagram. now you might be wondering what is this app and why I haven’t come across so far. We are going to give you all the answers. Before you install the Unfollowgram app on your device. Let’s talk about some cool features of the Unfollowgram app for android.

Note: Unfollowgram for Instagram is available for all operating systems like android and ios. You can download this app for your android mobile by downloading Unfollowgram apk. We are going to discuss that in detail in later part. 

Unfollowgram Instagram

Features of Unfollowgram apk app:

  • The very first and the purpose of this app is to give you information of who unfollowed you.
  • Also, it becomes easy to track all the information about who blocked you.
  • You can easily track who does not follow you back.
  • It also works for Twitter.
  • Manage followers/following

So these were some cool features of the app and now you must be wondering how can I get this app on my android really fast? So just stay here and read the article to end it is the way to install Unfollowgram apk on android and your mobile device.


The app Unfollowgram does not available right now, as it is not compatible with the terms of Instagram. But you can use the Unfollowgram website to access it for now. You can follow the below steps to know who is unfollowing you? What are the different statistics on your Instagram account?

Step 1: Visit https://unfollowgram.com

Step 2: After visiting this site you will see the screen with two options. You have to choose the one account for which you want to track the information of who unfollowed you. If you want to use the Instagram choose the Instagram button.

Step 3: Now you will be redirected to another page and hear you are going to enter the Instagram account information. But before you enter your information such as username and password for any site or app always go through their terms of use and private setting. Please visit the Unfollowgram terms of use and privacy policy page before you log in with the credentials. It a good habit to protect your data, and privacy from unauthorized apps and sites.

Step 4: After you enter the credentials now its time to allow the Unfollowgram to access your public info so that they can track your followers and who you are following as well as other data.

Step 5: Now Once you successfully logged in to the Unfollowgram app, you will see a dashboard with various options on it like

  • Who unfollowed me: This will let you know that who has unfollowed you.
  • Who I don’t follow back: Also you will see that there will be many people who are following you but you are not following them. So using this option you can now track who are the people you are not following back.
  • Who doesn’t follow me back?
  • Following: you can also track the people you are following.
  • Followers: using this you can see who are your followers on Instagram.

But sadly Instagram followers app Unfollowgram is not available for now. the app has served many of us for almost for long years. They are now not providing the service to the Instagram as they are not feasible to the Instagram terms and conditions. they are improving on it and.

unfollowgram apk

Don’t get disappointed, You will find other options for it. There are many other alternatives to the Unfollowgram. So may apps like Unfollowgram are available which makes you able to track the people who unfollowed you. Further, we will be discussing some of the apps and websites that enable you to track the unfollowing people.

Here are some of the apps that will work out for you.


This is one of the very famous to track your Instagram following. This app can be used for free but it also has a premium package.Once you log in with your Instagram credentials you will see no of followers and who you are following.

By clicking on the followers you will see the people who unfollowed you.

This is yet another way of the tracking the followers being one of the Unfollowgram alternatives. Mostly used by iPhone users. It is the best way to go through statistics of your account. So this app can be an alternative to the Unfollowgram.


This app is a great way to track Instagram followers commonly known as who unfollowed me on Instagram. It acts as an alternative to the apps to know your followers. You can use it on the iOS.


With this app, you can track the history of likes and comments. this app is gaining the popularity and lost of users downloading this app.Track who is following you, Who is unfollowing you?


This is the best app for both Android and IOS users. It is a great tool to manage the account and track the followers count.This app can be used for free. You can manage the twitter account and track the history.



Here is the end of the Unfollowgram for tracking the follower’s history and no of people who are unfollowed you. If you are looking for who unfollowed me on Instagram then this article must be helpful for you. Please share your feedback in comments. Along with the Unfollowgram, in this article, we tried to cover alternatives to Unfollowgram also.

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