Top 5 Crazy-Cool-Tricks you Don’t know about Facebook.For Smart Fb Use

Top 5 Crazy-Cool-Tricks you Don't know about FacebookCrazy-Cool-Tricks you Don’t know about Facebook 2017: Hello, How are you doing Friends?.Today we are going to learn some amazing and awesome tricks for Facebook. As you all are already aware of the Facebook, but you might missing something out of it. Today I am going to reveal some of the cool and useful tricks to smartly use the facebook.It may be possible that you already know them, but if you don’t know these tricks then read this article to the very End. Also, don’t forget to let your friends know about this facebook things.

So without further waiting, your patience let me quickly reveal the first Facebook trick which my friend taught me.

Choose to Appear Online Only for  Selected Friends:

Yes, You Heard it right! I know some of you are having so many friends on the facebook.But as you know that all of them are not too close and known to us.So sometimes it is so awkward to just chat with these random friends.we also feel very irritating when someone just sends you a message as soon as you are online. So if you are tired of this kind of experience,  You have a better option to choose for who is going to see you online .some simple settings and you are done.

  • Go to Chat option on your facebook.
  • Simply click on The Gear icon you see on the chat box.
  • Now Click on the advanced setting tab.
  • Now you will find the “Turn on chat for all friends, except.” option.
  • Simply select the Friends you don’t want you to see online.
  • You are done.

So, this is it! you can always edit this list If you changed your mind about someone.


You can always get your facebook data back whenever you want.You just have to follow the following steps and you will find all your facebook data in your mailbox.

  •  Go to the  Facebook  click on General account Settings.
  •  Open your general settings, find Download a Copy of your Facebook Data, Click on it.
  • The  Download Archive Button, will appear , Click on it and The facebook will ask you to Enter your login Details including passwold. Top 5 Crazy-Cool-Tricks you Don't know about Facebook.For Smart Fb
  •  After entering your Facebook Password, Click on Submit,
  •  Download link for your data will be sent to your email id which you used to create your facebook account.
  •  Wait for Few Minutes,  You will see a mail from facebook in your Inbox with Downloading link ready for you to download all your data.
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  • Now After downloading the file. Unzip it and open the folder where you will find your messages, photos, videos. Pokes, Friend list etc.
  • How was it??

Note: All Data you have just Downloaded it will be IN A .html format. So whenever you need to see the data of your facebook you have to open that file in any browser you choose.Simply double click on it and your data is shown to you. 

Never get a request to play Candy Crush again.Stop  annoying requests .

Resently, I had faced the irritaing thing on the facebook.I was getting contenous ntifications for playing supermario game from some of my friends.It was so irritating thing. i know you gays would have faced the same kind of facebook notifications for playing games etc.

But if you want to Get rid of it.I have a cool solution to it.Stop Facebook games like Candy Crush from spamming you with invites.


  • Select “Settings” then
  • Account Settings
  • Notifications.”
  •  “Mobile,”
  • scroll all the way down,  and uncheck “Application Invites.”
  • Done .

So in this way you can surely Stop Getting those request for playing games .

Now Turn off auto-playing videos in your News Feed.

You may have seen the facebok news feed fludded with So many videos.As soon as you open the facebook the Vedios starts playing and this makes you go nutts.But if you are tirred of this autoplaying of Facebook news feed videos, I have as quick and easy solution for you.

Top 5 Crazy-Cool-Tricks facebok

For stoping the Same thing in the mobile app 

  • Open “More” tab in the Facebook mobile app,
  • Select “Videos and Photos.”
  • Now choose to auto play videos over cellular and WiFi connections, just WiFi, or never

Your Activity Log shows everything …..

And Friend last but very important thing for using the facebook. Your Activity Log shows everything you’ve liked, shared, and commented on in the past.Yes, it is a very useful feature of the facebook, which lets you know, what you Do when you are on facebook.The activity log has record of all the things you have liked , shared and commented while using the facebook.

One of my friends account was hacked and he was unaware of this thing.As being a friend of him , i was getting notifiactions like “your XYZ friend liked this videos”.And this videos were Adult videos and some one is liking them using his acount.once i noticed this activity, i informed him he was not going to agree with me.But when he saw his activity log he stunneed by what he saw.His all friends were getting those notifications , it was very Embarasing experience for him.

So if you dont want to be in such as senario, just keep track of your activies on the facebook by using the Acivity log feature

  • Go to Sttings icon, you will find a DropDown arrow.
  • click on it, it will open a Window whre you will find Activity log .
  • Now you can see all your cativities on it.


I hope you guys like this Crazy-Cool-Tricks you Don’t know about Facebook 2017.You will find them useful while using the facebook.Please dont forget to share these tricks with your friends .You can also contribute to this post, if you know anything more about facebook tricks , comment box is all yours.Thanks for reading and Sharing.Happy facebooking to you….



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