How to Download Instagram pictures on pc /laptop

 Download Instagram pictures on pc

Download Instagram pictures on pc 2017: The social media is incomplete without the name of Instagram.We as the youth and 21-century people having social networking is our biggest achievement. Presently we are having a bunch of social media websites,  where we can freely share our pic and communicate with the people dearest to us. We all know facebook, the most famous social media website.just like facebook there are websites like Instagram,Pinterest, StumbleUpon etc are popular too.

As we said that you can freely upload your Photos and images on these social networking platforms. But when it comes to Instagram, You can Easily upload the images and videos on your profile but for Downloading them you have to take some efforts.

In this article, i will teach you how to Download Instagram pictures on pc or laptop or computer.There are several ways by which you can easily download the Instagram images on your computer.To do so you have to follow this complete guide and you will know how you can finally download media from Instagram on your pc.

Download Instagram Pictures on pc using  Savefrom.net helper

Download instagram pictures on pc

You can download any Instagram, facebook video, or image file you want by using this savefrom.net helper Extention.This is a very simple technique or I will call it a trick.For being able to Download the Images from the Instagram you have to Install this Crome Extention on your pc.Once you Download this Extention you will surely Download All images from the Instagram.

Also, you can download your Favorite youtube videos using this Savefrom.net Extention.This app also supports so many other websites from where you can download images easily.To Do so follow this Steps.

  • Open your Chrome browser.
  • Go to Chrome Extensions page.
  • Search for “SaveFrom.net”.
  • Download the Savefrom.net Extention.

Note: In case you Don’t find this Extention on the Chrome Extensions, go to the site Directly and Download the Savefrom.Net.

Now once you download this Extention on your Browser, You will find it appearing at the right most corner of your browser.Now the question is how to Download Instagram pictures on pc using this Savefrom.net?. Here is a quick guide to you.

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  • Now whenever you go to Youtube,Facebook,Instagram you will find a small Download button on image or video you see on those Websites.
  • You simply have to click on that Small Green Colour Download Arrow.
  • And your image will Get Downloaded.
  • So in this way you can Download Instagram pictures on pc very easily.

So,   see how easy it is to Download Instagram Pictures your pc Browser and This Savefrom.net App.You can also use the alternate method to Download the images which are Explained in following paragraphs.

To Directly able to Download the Instagram images you have to simply do this thing.

  • Go to your Instagram account.
  • Find any image you want to Download and copy its Url.
  • Now, paste this image URL in the “http://www.dinsta.com/”Website.
  • And you can Download the images easily.

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Conclusion: I hope you like this Download Instagram pictures on pc tutorial.If you Aren’t Able to Download the Images then please ask your queries in the comment box.Feel free to share this Article with your friends.Thanks for Visiting.

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