How does wish work- Detail wish app reviews before you shop using wish app.

How Does wish work? Is wish legit or is wish safe?

How does wish work 2018[wish app reviews]: We are in an era of online shopping and e-commerce. The increased use of internet and mobile devices made our lives easier in some ways. When it comes to apps users can order anything on the go. There is the app called wish app which is very famous for its very attractive offers for shopping. Many e-come-commerce websites are there and also many mobile apps. So today we are going to see How does wish work? and by Wish I mean Wish App[Not “The Secret ” thing] also we will do wish app reviews. Here we are going to answer different questions before you start buying using the wish app such as is wish legit or is wish safe? so let’s start wish app reviews.

Wish app reviews -What is wish app and how does wish work?

How Does wish work

This might be a question pondering in your mind reading this.

So how does wish work, is wish safe to use what people like about wish and real reviews of wish app.Wish is a very popular shopping app used by people to order their goods online. Mostly used in US and UK. The wish is so popular because it provides so many offers to the users. It has popular brands with great offers. So many people prefer buying using this app. how does wish work UK? Its range of offers not only limited to a clothing or accessories, You can also shop for various categories. Using wish app you can shop for gadgets like mobile, electronic devices and more at exciting discounts but is wish legit? does wish app is safe to use.

Wish app uses different tactics to attack customers and make them buy. You will learn how to get free stuff on wish app. They have offers and sales for hours and days. That makes uses attached to them. The only thing that user needs to take in consideration that there may be a possibility that the wish app has some products which are the copy of real brands.

Now you may be wondering where I will find this app?, How to get free stuff on the wish?

You can download the wish app for your mobile devices. You can download wish for ios devices like iPads,iPhones. Android users can also download the app using Google Play Store. I have written detail guide on how to download wish app for PC?

You may visit Official Wish Website and do shopping.

So you have an app now, so how does wish work is still to answered and is it legit for users!!

Follow the guide and you will get an answer to how does wish work and how wish app is safe or unsafe?

Wish app reviews will be found on the google play store and official site of wish.

Step1# Create a  wish app account.

The very first step to your question how does wish work is Create an account with your email or mobile number. its necessary to have an account for shopping websites to track the order and deliver to the address. So create an account and using this account you can go and shop on wish website.

how does wish work

So you need to register for the wish app first.


Step2#Find the offers for your wish list.

Once you are done with registration, I think we don’t need to tell what is next step. This is the most important step for you to know how does wish work?

Just log in to the wish app using your account and search for the product you are looking for. Then you might get straight offers for the product or you can use coupon codes if available. again is wish legit or safe?

how does wish work

There are automated recommendations for you. Using your search preferences it is possible to add relevant items to your shopping cart. There are many offers to go through once you are logged in, Users get different categories and range of the products.

The only disadvantage is the processing of your order. Since most of the items are coming from the China order span is larger. You might not get an order placed in two or three days. As orders are coming from China it may take up to weeks to process the order. so if you are planning on a particular day to arrive the order make sure you order calculating the days in mind.

Step3#Paymet for order.

Wish provides a different method of payment. You can have look at them at their official site. You can do online payments using your credit card and debit card. In some countries, they also provide cash on delivery payment method.

Step4#Shipping using wish is legit and safe ?

This is the fourth important step in how does wish work? As said by wish website they take one to two days. But you try your luck with the orders.


Step5#Wish app reviews before buying

Please go thought wish app reviews before buying using the app. There are various platforms like Google pay store, Apple App Store etc where you can find the reviews by the people who have used the app and ordered using the wish app. You may get detail answer to how does wish work for buying.


So do your research before you order using the app. Go through Wish app reviews and comments from the people who have actually used the app. Also, search for some youtube videos for Wish app reviews before buying.Lots of YouTubers are making reviews these days, you might get the help you are looking for.

I am linking some of the videos for you. 

This is another one here.

So there are plenty of such videos on the youtube just google them.

Last thoughts on how does wish work?

So wish app is a pretty impressive app and they have good offers . There are some advantages and disadvantages using the app for shopping.

and is wish legit? we can trust for the sake of so much discount. But going trough Wish app reviews before bying is great way to make sure is wish app safe to use and its trust amongst the customers.


  • It’s free!! Ya, you can download the app for free from app store if google has wish app on playstore means wish is legit and wish app is safe.

  • Lots of offers and variety of product across the categories.

  • New and updated item for shopping.

Something that needs to get  better for great experience about wish app are

  • Order processing time.

  • More trust and removal of fake kind of products. Removing the look-alike products so that users not mislead.

Nothing more!!

We hope you now have got a clear answer to how does wish work and we may have rested your curiosity for a while.

we hope we may have your questions related to trust of wish app, its legitness, wish app safety etc.

for wish app reviews please visit the site of wish app, You will also find wish app reviews on google play store and other review platforms.

Thanks for visiting and happy shopping using wish app. Please comment down how do you like this guide about how does wish work? Is there anything need to add to this? And it may happen we are missing something to the guide. Please like, share and comment.


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