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Complete Guide to Download Root Explorer Apk:

Download Root Explorer Apk latest version:Hello friends ,Today w
e are going to get an amazing app for our daily use.This is a very famous app Developed by Speed Software Developers.The name of this app is Root Explorer.This is a most useful File Explorer you will ever have.So in this article, we are Actually Going to Learn about how to Download Root Explorer apk latest Version.Fast,lightweight and Easy to use file manager this is how they Describe this amazing Root explorer.Before you move further let me tell you here you will find the complete help on how to Download Root Explorer Apk latest version on your Android mobile.

Download Root Explorer Apk latest version for android phone and Tablet follow Article.


Download Root Explorer Apk latest version

Icon From Developers site.

The root Explorer has two versions for its users.This root explorer software or we better say it as App is available in two different versions one is totally free and anther is paid version with some extra features added.So to know the process of downloading this root explorer apk or app,don’t move the just steak to swapsworld.com.Currently this app has  3.0.5 version and it is a completely free version of an app.

Before actually moving to Download the  root explorer file manager apk.It is always the necessary and cool thing to know why this app is so famous ?why the hell you should download this root explorer app?.Here is the complete list of the feature of  free root explorer or Famously was known as root explorer file manager.Download Snapchat for pc.

  • Root Explorer is a perfect app for managing your SD card Files and Data.
  • Coolest possible interface makes it user-friendly and anyone can easily access it smoothly.
  • A special feature of accessing the cloud and network files you have stored.

But the list of cool features just Don’t End here,it has a lot to offer some more features of root explorer apk app.

  • Multiple tabs are provided in Root Explorer Apk file. 
  • Get support on Google Drive,Box,Dropbox And Network (SMB).
  • Multiple Themes and Wallpapers support,dark light ,home wallpapers Available for a user.
  • It has own Built in Text Editor to edit content in Root explorer.
  • Access to Zipping and Tar files create or Extract
  • Long running operations at the background for Better Performance.
  • Send files via Emails .Get Paid apps for free using TutuHelper Click Here.
  • Bult in SQL Database viewer for Accessing Data Base.
  • Bookmarks recently and frequently used files and folders for better convenient.
  • Multiple languages support including English.
  • You can set Your own Custom menu.
  • XML viewer as said earlier.
  • You can change file owner or group Permissions.
  • MD5 support also creates shortcuts.

Before you  ,Download Root Explorer Apk latest version ,this app wants Some Permissions. This root apk   requires full network access,including cloud access,but no information is passed over the internet,it may access your google accounts and may access other minor  features of the System.This root explorer software developer offers you complete refund withing 24 hours once you find errors in this app.They are all about customer satisfaction.Also, they have over 2000 five stars on the app review.So why not to give it a try.what do you think?

What’s new with this app and current versions of free root explorer app.

Download Root Explorer Apk latest version.

Current Version:3.0.5

Last updated on:oct 21,2016

Number of Downloads:over 10 million+

Developed by:Speed Softwares

Size od the Root Explorer:2.56MB


Download Root Explorer Apk latest version

Download Root Explorer Apk latest version file Free Now

 Root Explorer Apk latest version 3.0.5 has the special feature of fixing Recuring Storage permission Dialog problem.Which was not available in other versions of the root Explorer apk free version.root explorer apk download on your Android Mobile.

Best and Exclusive root explorer apk pro version  free:Some Amazing features for you.

Download Root Explorer Apk latest version:Although this Root Explorer app is Free version also available ,but it has the limited set of features.you can obviously download this free explorer root version on your android mobile.But if you really want to access the full features of the app then you must Download the pro version of root explorer app.also you can download the root explorer pro apk file here right now. root explorer pro has some advanced features that the free version of root explorer doesn’t have.Here is the list of some advances of root explorer pro version over the free version.

  • The current version of this root Explorer pro app uses 4.0.4version which is way advanced than free root explorer

  • It also fixes the recurring storage permission dialog problem

  • Apk binary XML viewer

  • You can change file owner or setGroup permissions to them

  • You have the facility to create symbolic links,

  • Also, you can open a file with the option of Open with 

  • Create shortcuts ,support MD 5

  • Download Root Explorer Apk latest version

Let’s Now Download the root Explorer pro-APK File:

In Conclusion of this Root Explorer App apk:

This root explorer free apk is indeed a very useful and Interesting app to have on your Android system.Not only this root file manager apk enables you to access the SD card files but also provides the Manging facility to your Data.Now you can Explore apk files at any time .Hopefully, You will be able to Download Root Explorer apk file and install it on your pc.I have tried to cover all the possible areas of this topic on root Explorer apk.But there may be some tings that I haven’t been able to touch up.Please ,feel free to ask any query and we will help you with root Explorer apk Download on your system.  Do like share and Comment.

Thanks for visiting Download Root Explorer Apk latest version guide.Have a Good Day.


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