Best Alternative to vShare on iPhone, iPad, iPod ,ios-Download paid apps free

Best vshare alternative9+ Apps like vShare -Best Instalous Alternatives without jailbreak:

vShare alternatives for iOS, iPhone, iPad, iPod:  vShare is a very useful app for downloading all kinds of free content from Cydia, such as games and apps.vShare provides you the easy access to the paid Apps for free.The vShare is the best possible application to get paid contents for free on the ios.but  these alternatives are definitely worth checking out.Here in this article, we are going to learn about the best alternative to vShare.You will also come to know about the Best Instalous Alternatives without the jailbreak for ios.But Using paid apps for free is a Not cool idea, we recommend you to Be wise and Go for paid and safe contents online.

Best apps like VShare without a jailbreak for iPhone:

Now without wasting time, let’s See some cool apps and sites that will act as an Alternative to the vshare app.There are some web sites and some apps in this list.Out of this Vshare alternative list, some apps are Paid and some apps are free.Here are best possible Alternative for vShare.

Tutu app For iOS or Tutu Helper.

tutu app helper

ScreenShot of Tutu Helper app

This also the best alternative to the Vshare you can download the tutu app from their website .in fact I have written a full article on how you can download and install tutu app and play free games and apps for ios.


Hipstore: Best Alternative to vshare for iPhone, iPad,iPod .

apps like vshare


Hipstore is the Best app and can be a great Alternative to the vShare.This App is Like vShare.Previously this app was on  Apple’s App Store.But it is removed from there because of it violets the privacy policy.You can Download this app on your mobile and enjoy features like the vShare app.This app has the largest collection of paid apps.you can use this paid apps for free, you can try this best alternative to vShare.

Note: You may not be able to Run and use all apps using this VShare alternative

Download Hipstore .



best Vshare alternative 25pp

ScreenShot of 25PP Site

This is another VShare alternative. In fact one of the best alternative to vshare.This app was Developed by Chinese developers.The whole interface is the Chinese language. It’s great if you know Chinese to use this app.But you can use your Guessing power to Download the apps from 25pp on your iPhone and iPad.



AppAdict is Very famous and popular app and can be  the Best Alternative to vShare.You can find this app on their official site. this vShare Alternative app was made for jailbroken devices, and  it requires AppSync to sign pirated apps.this AppAdict will  partially be working AppAddict app store which may work for some apps.

Download AppAddict With Jailbreak…


Aptiode is one of the best Alternative to vshare.This is one of the most user-friendly app.and Does not irritate you by Unwanted ads .You can almost download all apps which are paid and still use them for free.vShare Alternative can be downloaded from their official site.

Download Aptoide for iPhone and iPod.


PandaApp offers an best Alternative to vShare .You can now enjoy downloading and installing paid apps using the panda Apps.So far this is the best IPA download side which i have found.Downloading and installing free apps on your iOS device from PandaApp is very easy.I hope you will Enjoy this vShare alternative.

Apps giftshop:

Here is another best alternative for vShare .Like checkpoints, Appsgiftshop provides apps to you for downloading.It works on rewards basis, you will get credits after you download and play the apps for 30 seconds. After having some amount  you can redeem a gift card you like such as amazon, iTunes, fandango and Starbucks.Exiting uh…


ipastore vshare alternative


Just like Installous, VShare, and AppCake, ipastore also has one of the largest collection of IPA files. That you can install in your iPhone, iPad devices. But to use this app you have to pay one time fees. After you pay fees you have access to thousands of paid apps for free and you can also complain if any app doesn’t work. Because you have paid to get in

Download iPastore Now.


Zeusmos is the great alternative to vShare.It also  offers a huge amount of free apps and games for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.You can use this app for any ios device and any version.You can get this app by simply opening the Cydia app and searching for Zeusmos.Zeusmos is the best alternative to both VShare and XCode.allows you to sign any app without leaving your phone. You can do it all on your iPhone or iPad screen. But, Just like IPAStore, Zeusmos is also a paid solution.

Download Zeusmos here.

Apps.su IPA Site

Best alternative to vshare

AppSu Site Screenshot

Apps.su is the site which hosts .ipa files and you can download them for free. Here you can download paid apps for free.The only Problem is the Site.because it is not updated.


Mob IPA Site

mob.org is biggest database of all the paid and free apps and games at one site can be the best alternative to vShare. It has separate sections for Java and Android phones. mob.org has Almost all apps you ever wanted. the iOS version of mob.org to start downloading paid apps and games for free. Try vShare alternative.

Download Mob IPA.



iTongPush is like some old app on the app store which works like VShare except a lot slower.  Downloads are very slow but there are a lot of apps that you can get from iTongPush or free. But you can ignore it.

Download page of iTongPush.


Unlike AppCola and VShare which are apps, Kuaiyong is a web-based app store which installs paid apps in your iPhone and iPod Touch using their developer profile.3rd party app stores like VShare use this technique to distribute paid apps to users and all they have to do is “Trust” a developer profile by going to Settings > General > Profile section.


alternative to vshare

website screenshot

Download the coolest IPA games and apps to try out before you buy them from the app store. here are updated cool apps IPA, and the best roundup and reviews from the iPhone iPad iPod touch apps websites.

The official website of KulApps..


There are many Alternatives to vshare, AppCola is no doubt one of the best apps that are like VShare. AppCola is available and you can install it very simply. You May get some errors with AppCola.

Official Website of AppCola: http://www.appcola.com/



Disclaimer:Almost every app listed here in this article  to download paid apps for free which comes under the radar of piracy and we DONOT recommend our readers to do piracy. Everyone is entitled  their own opinion and responsible for their own actions.


I Hope You like this List of Best Alternative to vShare on iPhone,iPad,iPod. The vShare is the best app out there, But these apps also are one of the best alternatives you can have for vShare.Tutu app is one popular app for such a type of apps.Hope you will share this with your friends.Thanks for visiting and reading best alternative for Vshare.