IP Address Username, Password for Linksys Router Login IP address: Wifi Routers has been a very important part of our lives. Everyone cannot go for expensive cellular internet packages as they may cost you a bit higher. People choose to go use routers as it provides you faster internet. IP address is one of the famous IP address used by the Linksys Router. The different IP address is used by the different companies. To give you an example Dlink uses IP address for network device management panel.

So if you want to know how to configure your Linksys Router in this article we are going to share a detailed guide for it.

We will be covering the different topics like

  • What is
  • How to Know your IP Address?
  • What if you forget the Username and Passwords?
  • Steps to troubleshoot the problems?
  • Security tips.

So have patience and read this article to its end. LOGIN PAGE, USERNAME, PASSWORD

What is Login?

So as earlier we discussed it is a Linksys Router network device management panel. To configure a wifi router you need to visit a host address. Now host address is the predefined IP address used by the service provider companies to do the initial setting for the routers. the popular Linksys routers use this http\\ IP address as the Network device management panel.

The example of host addresses is or

Connecting to a Router Using

To connect to any IP address you need to login to their host IP address. in our case, we have to log in to the  You have to enter this IP address in your browser. Remember to enter it carefully many people enter wrong IP address and they are not able to login to the Linksys Router network device management panel.

Note: Always use the correct IP address.Following Adrees are example of wrong/Incorrect ip address.www., www.,, 192.168.o.1,192.168.l.l.

You can copy this address as it is to browse

Now you can follow the steps below to complete the setup.


So when you enter this URL a window will open and ask you to enter the username and password.The default usernames and passwords for routers or in general any IP address would be

Username: admin
Password: admin

Username: admin
Password: password


After login to the network setting panel, You need to choose Wifi Name that is generally referred as SSID. This is the name by using which your wifi will be identified to the users. it is the name which gets shown when you search for the Wifi.


After choosing the SSID name for your wifi connection, the second part comes is setting a strong password for the connection. Now each wifi router company uses the encrypted security. Encrypted security is WPA2 and PSK. You can choose it from the options and once the options are selected you can set a strong password for your network. A strong password will help you to have a secure wifi connection.

So this is how it is simple to connect to the Linksys Router network device management panel using address login and password.

Now here comes a quick tip for if you forget the password for your connection.

If You Forget The Username And Password

So it happens most of the times, you set some random password and you forget it. Now in case of router you need not bother about the password recovery. As you always can Reset Router easily.

Caution: Please turn off the power button on the WIFI router.

To reset the router you just need a Pointed object like the needle. Take the needle and while your router is not connected to the electric supply click the reset button using the needle.Usually, a small hole is present near the antenna and you can click that button using the pin.

This will reset your router and you will now need to reset the router again. This time do remember to choose a rememberable password


Use can use the Command Prompt to find the ROUTER IP ADDRESS of wired network adapter in Windows

Click Start button.
Press Windows + R or Click Run.
Open CMD and Type COMMAND
Press Enter.
Type IPCONFIG and press Enter.

You will see the following screen with different options

IP Address login

Find Wireless Lan Adapter WI-Fi, And the Default Gateway will be your IP address for the Router.

Note: Above image is showing IP address as which is for D-Link router.

Troubleshooting an Unresponsive Router

Now after doing steps, It may be possible that you still are not able to reach the login page, it may be due to various reasons. I have listed some of them in the following section.

  • Wrong IP address.
  • Hardware issues.
  • The wireless router has some issues.

This could be some of the possibilities. But you may encounter a different problem and you can share with us.Thank you for reading and visiting this guide on Linksys Router Login, Username, Password and Wireless settings.

Just a quick overview of the process,

IP Address login password

In the conclusion, We hope we have solved and shared something worth your time and you must be happy visiting our guide on Linksys router login. Now you may or may not be able to log in to the system. Feel free to ask your question we will get back to you. IP address is very popular and we have tried to provide you the best possible solution. Along with the setup we also tried to cover the troubleshooting of different problems occurring during the setup.

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